Indicator/Strategy Installation

  • How do I install ZoneVue Pro/Strategy?

    • After purchasing one of our products, visit to download the .zip NinjaScript indicator add-on file. You do not need to uncompress/unzip the file.

    • For updating, make sure to move any existing version including two files that may be

  • This is also valid for upgrading to a new version.

Then go to tools -> import -> NinjaScript Add-on

When you first load the indicator, you will need to copy and paste in your license key within the indicator settings. You can access your license key by visiting My Account, then click View Licenses

Then click the key icon to reveal your license key

Once you have your key, go into the indicator or strategy settings and paste in your key

  • During the installation of the updates, click Yes even if Ninjatrader informs you that there is a new version installed.

    • Open Ninjatrader and at Control Center window follow these steps:

      • Tools

      • Import

      • NinjaScript Add-On...

      • Select the .zip NinjaScript add-on file

      • Some confirmations may appear, accept all

      NinjaTrader® install/update instruction

    • Ninjatrader made video explaining how to install third-party indicators or apps.

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