Non-Essential Zone Filters

  • The non-essentials zone filters provides less used filters but have still provide important settings to be aware of

    • Don't Display Zones Formed on the Current Day

      • This is a powerful setting that will not show any zones formed on the current day and will only show zones formed on prior days. The can potentially allow you to get in on zones formed during the previous day and having the ultimate in focus on where to get in and get out

      • The risk is that you miss out on all the zones formed during the current day and price may never reach any zones formed on prior days

      • Default is disabled

      • Recommended: Disabled

    • Allow Explosive Moves to Close in Previous Zones

      • This will allow a zone to be formed, even though the explosive moves bar closed into a previously formed zoned.

    • Show Invalidated Zones

      • Will allow all previous zones that were invalidated to be shown

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