Market Hours/Opening Range Settings

Some of these settings are founding directly within the indicator/strategy settings page and not within the drop down menu

Control the market hours you trade in using the settings below. You can also set the opening range duration.

  • Market Open Time

    • Default setting is 6:30am PST

  • Market Close Time

    • Default setting is 1:00pm PST

  • Opening Range Duration

    • Default is 15 minutes and this is a recommended duration

Additional settings not found in the indicator drop down are found directly within the indicator/strategy settings control

The visual drawing of the market high and market low is set during this time frame

ZoneVue Pro - ZVP Opening Range Indicator

  • Start Time: The opening of the market

  • End Time: The time when you want the opening range to end (usually 15 minutes after the open)

  • This allows you to add a line above and below the market opening range, as defined below.

  • The start and end time is recommended to have a duration of 15 minutes.

  • You can control the appearing of the lines above and below using the thickness and color settings.

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