Zone Color and Font Settins

These settings are found within the indicator/strategy settings page and not within the drop down menu as other settings described

  • Supply Zone/Demand Zone Color

    • Adjusts the color of the zones to your choice

    • Recommended to keep on defaults

  • Zone Color Touched Opacity

    • Adjusts the opacity level once a zone is touched.

    • Touched means the price reaches or drops below the high of the demand zone or reachs or exceeds the low of the supply zone

    • Recommended to leave defaults

  • Zone Color Untouched Opacity

    • Adjusts the opacity level of untouched/fresh zones

    • Recommended to leave defaults

  • Show Zone Score Label Only

    • Hides all other zone labels except for the zone score

  • Zone Label Font Color and Size

    • Allows control over the font color and size of the zone labels show after the current bar such as zone score, take profit, etc.

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