Zone Dynamic Expansion

These settings offer control over a powerful feature which will dynamically expand the zone range based on the proximity of additional basing candles based on a specified tick distance.

  • # of Additional Basing Candles

    • This sets the maximum # of basing candles the zone can expand around.

    • Default is 1

  • Zone Padding (in ticks)

    • This value adds a manual padding to the bottom of demand zones and to the top of supply zones

    • Default is 1

  • Maximum Expansion Range in Ticks from 1st Basing Candle

    • This value sets the maximum amount in ticks below the low of the demand zone and above the high of the supply zone that additional basing candles can be used to form a wider zone.

    • E.g, Assume the setting is at 8.

      • If a zone has a demand zone basing candle with a low at 4000 and there are additional basing candles that have lows that are no more than 8 ticks lower than the basing candles low, than these additional basing candles will be used to form the zone. The zone will expand to encompass them.

    • Default is 1

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