Overlap and Zone Proximity Filter

The settings below can effectively control the zones show and offers granular control that serves to further reduce zones that appear that may be of lower quality or “false positive” zones.

Allow Overlapping Zones

  • This will allow zones to be formed that overlap an existing zone.

  • Default is disabled

Deprecated functions and no longer applicable to version 2.0+

  • Only Allow Zones that don’t close on previous highs/lows or close opens.

    • This is an experimental feature.

    • Default is disabled.

    • This setting prevents zones from being formed if the close price of the explosive bar is equal to any previous bars high, low, close or open.

  • Min # of bars after zone is touched before new zone

    • Default is disabled.

    • Setting is specified in the Min Bars Apart field

    • This prevents zones from being formed if a prior zone formed was touched within the number of bars specified.

    • For example, if the setting is at 5 and a supply zone is touched.

      • Then price sells off from there and then another explosive move happens 5 bars later, creating another supply zone, this zone will not be drawn.

      • The reason is because the most recent zone that was touched was within the number of bars of the new zone being formed.

  • Min distance between zones (controlled by tick threshold

    • If enabled, the value set in the setting ‘Tick Distance Threshold’ will prevent any new zones being formed if the distance between the old and new zone is equal to or less than range in ticks in the setting.

    • Default is disabled

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